My name is Lars Tvede, I am a Danish citizen living in Switzerland for several decades now. I hold a Master’s degree in Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in International Commerce, and I am a certified derivatives trader from National Futures Association in Chicago. My books have been published in 11 languages and more than 50 editions.

I did spent 11 years in portfolio management and investment banking before moving to the high-tech and telecommunications industries in the mid 1990s, where I was a co-founder of several technology companies, which have won various international awards, including the Red Herring Global 100 award, the Bully Award and the Wall Street Europe Innovation Award. I am also founder of Beluga, a successful financial trading company.

Recently I was listed in The Guru Guide to Marketing as one of the Worlds 62 leading thinkers of marketing strategy. That might be an overstatement. But there isn’t anything important I would change in Marketing Strategies For the new Economy, the book that got me onto this list of leading thinkers, expect for its title. Now I would call it Marketing Strategies for the Digital Economy. He has appeared frequently on media and has been a TEDTalks speaker.


To me, fun evolves largely around skiing and sailing. My first experience with sailing was going to Greenland with my parents on a freight ship when I was nine. The weather was truly horrible, but the trip was thrilling anyway. When I was 19 my uncle took my sister and I plus friends on a trip in his homemade boat on the European canals. We started at Paris and ended in Ærøskøbing in Denmark a few weeks later.

Since then I have always loved boats of almost any kind, and so do my friends and children. Together we have sailed in the Maldives, Galapagos, Florida, Bahamas, Exumas, Spain, Gibraltar, France, Italy, Croatia, Monte Negro, Turkey and Greece. Here we have seen many amazing natural sites, which we have explored by diving, swimming, kayaking or just gliding by. We have also visited charming old cities such as Venice, Dubrovnik and even Sevilla, which we reached in 2007 via the Guadalquivir River. Interestingly, it it is now perfectly possible to be broadband-connected around the clock on a boat anywhere in the world, thus enabling you to combine work, pleasure and adventure.

Skiing is my other great hobby. I now try to ski 50-60 days a year, mainly in the Swiss and Italian Alps around Verbier, which I think is Europe´s best off-piste ski area. Sometimes leisurely for a couple of hours as a break in a workday, and at other occations seriously all day with mountain guides. There is nothing quite like it.